Sweden with Love (May 6 2014)

What's The Best Thing You Ever Gave Up? — May 06, 2014

“‘Actress Jorja Fox:”’ “Since my early 20s, I’ve felt I had to wear heels when I get dressed up. You want to look great and you want to be like everyone else, you know? But now that I’m in my 40s, I’ve noticed I care a lot less what people think about me. And when you’re 5'9” and you wear heels, you’re towering over almost every woman in the room and half the men. It’s always been a little uncomfortable and not that fun. So I’ve given it up! I don’t feel guilty about showing up at a party or an event in flats anymore. I’m more comfortable and I still feel beautiful. So nowadays, I’m the one looking for cool flats when I’m looking at dress shoes. And I don’t miss the high heels at all!"

“Emmy Award-winning actress Jorja Fox stars on CBS’s hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”


Photograph of Jorja Fox by Elizabeth Messina. […]




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