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A Definitive Ranking of Every Character on 'The West Wing' — September 22, 2014

As of this month, *The West Wing *is 15 years old. We’ll pause as you absorb how long you’ve been without Jed Bartlet and his merry band in your life. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we all fell in love with Aaron Sorkin’s bastion of liberal idealism wrapped up in fast-paced dialogue usually said while walking?


31. Gina Toscano

Played By: Jorja Fox

Number of Episodes: 5

There have been a lot of great Secret Service characters on The West Wing, but no one embodied Gina’s mix of robotic professionalism and sublimated heart that goes into being a bodyguard quite as well. She’s always Zoey’s chum, a bit of a big sister figure and a fearless soldier who would dive in front of gunfire for her. Toscano’s arc ends at the assassination of the season one finale, but every subsequent Secret Service character felt like it was building off of her. – DS

Signature Episodes: “What Kind of Day Has It Been?” is told, a little bit, through Gina’s keen eyes as she spots the shooters, not quickly enough, who give us our first-season cliffhanger.





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