Honeymoon in Vegas

"Honeymoon in Vegas"
CSI: Vegas Episode


With both Grissom and Sara back in Las Vegas, they do their best to help uncover the truth. Did Hodges do it? Who’s really behind all this?


Grissom joins Sara in Las Vegas and both get to work unravelling this case. Sara firmly feels this is a frame, and Hodges is innocent. Grissom follows the evidence and admits it could be true. They both want to know the truth and have answers. Still, Hodges turns himself in, and faces dozens of counts of evidence tampering, perjury, obstruction of justice, and worse.

As they dig deeper, the head of the lab, Maxine Roby, warns them both that they cannot be anywhere near the case, or IA will come done on them like a hammer from hell. Frustrated they go to wait for Hodges to be processed and discuss how well they do (or don’t) know Hodges. Like they had no idea he got married 6 months ago.

Hodges believes the case is “a crock” but Grissom and Sara have to point out that there’s that damn storage unit, with Hodges files and fingerprints and (more damning) personal effects. When Hodges remarks a Boggle set he’d recently looked for was missing, Sara and Grissom go look to see if anyone burgled the Hodges’ residence.

Unable to find any signs of a B&E, they do find a flyer. Apparently Hodges’ neighbor’s dog recently went missing. They find the fresh grave and, thanks to the bugs, determine the dog died not long before Sara and Maxine (and the rest) found evidence leading them to the storage unit.

At the end of the episode, Maxine invites Grissom to come and be an “entomological advisor” for the lab, allowing him to work on cases and perhaps find the truth. Including a possible case of “animal cruelty” regarding the dog they found, as a way to work ‘around’ the IA restrictions.


  • Grissom and Sara are on opposite ends of the same fight.
  • Sara emphatically believes Hodges was frames.


Sara: What kind of person kills a dog and then plants it in their owner’s driveway? Grissom: The kind that wants to break into a house without drawing attention, maybe? Sara: You don’t have to say I was right. We’re gonna need a shovel.


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