Let the Chips Fall

"Let the Chips Fall"
CSI: Vegas Episode


As Grissom and Sara close in on who framed Hodges, an unexpected development changes everything. But when the chips are down, they may have found the clue they need.


Martin Kline is identified as the suspect in the frame of David Hodges. He’s a former medical examiner, who makes a living as an expert witness, just like Hodges. He also performs private autopsies. The two most recent cases he worked on where at a mausoleum and a body farm. They decide to go to the body farm, where they find the woman he worked on has bones missing. Bones that could have been used to fake the evidence purported to be done by Hodges.

At the body farm, they determine the woman - Riley Jones, body donated to the farm - is missing three significant bones. When they mention that they suspect the pathologist who did the private autopsy may have taken some bones, the manager of the body farm asks if they mean Kline. Apparently no one likes him, and he’s been thought of as a creep for a long time, so it’s not a shock he might be a thief too. On a close review of the bones, the rib is determined to have been removed by a bone saw.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Kline shows up at the lab. Sara plays it super cool, acting as if she doesn’t know who he is. But Kline says he knows they’re double-checking his work. He’s not offended, but he wants to talk to them about the cause of death for Riley Jones. Grissom carefully refuses the offer, and Kline seems to be okay with that. Sara believes that Kline knows they’re on to him, and recommends they get a warrant.

In the elevator, unknown to the CSIs, Kline tells an unknown person over the phone that ’they now’ and it will need to be dealt with.

Warrant in hand, Grissom and Sara arrive at the scene an hour after the damage has been done. Kline is dead – killed by a grenade. Just when they begin to give up hope, they spot something that just may be the clue they need. The fire wasn’t caused by the grenade, but by someone cleaning up, and the grenade was taped to Kline’s neck.


  • Sara is very amused by her husband’s excitement of going to the body farm.


Sara: What the hell was that about? Grissom: Fishing expedition. Sara: He knows we’re on to him. Grissom: I don’t think he’ll be back. He wouldn’t want to make us more suspicious. Sara: He’s not going to leave us anything to find, either. He’ll scrub all of it. We can’t hid anymore, Gil. It’s time to get a warrant.


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