In the Blood

"In the Blood"
CSI: Vegas Episode


An abandoned horse covered in blood leads the CSI team to a halfway house for convicted murderers. Also, Grissom and Sara begin to circle their prime suspect in the David Hodges case.


Sara and Grissom continue to dig into Anson Wix. Wiz is tied to all the cases:

  • he was at the scene and left dandruff in Chris Park’s car where the luminol was stolen and later used at the scene of Kline’s murder, because he repped the family at that original scene
  • he was a junior associate at the law firm that defended a kidnapper, who’s ransom cash was used to pay off the guy who tried to kill Brass
  • he repped Bill Dwyer who led the CSIs to the storage unit
  • his favorite expert was Martin Kline

Hodges used to work sometimes for Wix, who seemed interested in his work. Now it’s worrying that he was milking Hodges for information.

Working with Chris Park, the young CSI finds a thread in the wall behind where the grenade went off. A thread that can link them to Anson Wix. They track down the fiber to something related to what Anna Wix, Anson’s sister, is interested in, but they cannot readily prove she had it.

While Chris tracks that down, Sara gets a call that Hodges is ‘missing.’ She finds him right away at the food trucks where Hodges and Wix used to eat after a case. Hodges wanted to confront Wix, and Sara tries to deter him, but his plan was foiled by the parole officers showing up. Sara manages to get Hodges off with a warning, telling the officer that it was Hodges’ wife having pregnancy cravings. Since the officer’s partner was out on maternity, he allowed it.

However. All parole violations like that are released to all involved parties, which means Wix knows where Hodges was, and can likely presume it was to confront him. Grissom wins the coin toss and goes off to talk, friendly, to Anna about the thread.

When he meets Anna, Grissom spells it out. They think Anson engaged with some clients for criminal conspiracy. To Grissom’s surprise, Anna knows Anson hates the CSIs, and she does too! She feels Anson should be more famous, instead of the CSIs with their fancy science. Anna knows everything about the cases, and what Anson’s doing. It was Anna who picked Hodges as their scapegoat, because he’s a smug SOB.

Grissom stands by the evidence, saying that the truth will win. But Anna points out the reality of the world. The best story wins. Grissom is greatly upset by how crazy the world is now, and how people don’t believe science. Sara still has faith though.

As the episode ends, Maxine is demoted from head of the lab due to her digging into other labs, following claims from Anson Wix that she’s interfering with his cases.


  • Sara asked about Grissom’s meds for land-sickness. He’s doing okay, but feels solving a case would lower his cortisol levels more than the meds.
  • Sara has always thought quick on her feet, and today is saved Hodges.
  • Sara still cares deeply about animals.


Sara: It’s hard, keeping secrets when you live under the same roof. Grissom: I don’t even try anymore.


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