Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Season Three, Episode Three
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Oct 10, 1996
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Note: Jorja Fox credited as Jorjan Fox


Mark is befuddled by an invitation from Susan to go on a joint vacation to Hawaii. The ER is filled with more refugees from South Side, Drs. Maggie Doyle and Abby Keaton among them. Peter decides to join Keaton’s pediatric surgery team. Carter gets on Anspaugh’s bad side when he exaggerates a patient’s condition to book an operating room. Jeanie tries to keep her HIV status a secret in the face of Weaver’s queries. Jerry tries to trap a loose kangaroo. Mark spends his entire day working on one patient, against Anspaugh’s decree that ER attendings and residents should handle 2.5 patients per hour. Carter’s apartment building burns down.

Character Review

The Southside ER is closed, and one of the new interns is Maggie Doyle. She’s assigned to tag along with Doug, but clashes with Carol after parking her car in Carol’s favored spot. The two continue to disagree, even though they went to the same Catholic school. As Doug spends most of his day with a female friend, Doyle only sees him doctor a little, and dislikes how he off-handedly deals with a teenager with gonorrhea. Doug waves off his recommendation about Doyle, saying ‘Sure, keep her, why not?’

Character Notes

  • Kicked out of nursing school because she doesn’t like following orders
  • Drives a BMW
  • Has an older sister who was in Carol’s grade