Hazed and Confused

Hazed and Confused
Season Five, Episode Seven
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Nov 12, 1998
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Corday commits a deadly error after being on-call for nearly 36 hours straight. Peter visits Dr. Kotlowitz and receives encouragement regarding a cochlear implant for Reese. Dr. Amanda Lee, a prospective new ER chief, visits. In the wake of a failed pregnancy attempt, Carol lashes out at a mother using abortion as a means of selective birth control. Carter and Lucy feud when Carter accidentally uses her palm computer and finds out what she thinks of him. Mark panics during a paramedic initation.

Character Review

It’s Doyle who pages Corday at 6:30 AM (after Corday as been on for 24 hours) to pick up another patient.

Character Notes

  • Doyle is as unsympathetic to her coworkers as she is to her patients.


Doyle: We’ve all been there!
Corday: Shut up.