Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice
Season Four, Episode Two
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Dec 11, 1997
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Carter is arrested when he refuses to honor a warrant seeking evidence in a domestic abuse incident. Corday is overjoyed to be able to perform a rare femoral transplant. Doug returns from California. Benton and Corday discover that they have a lot in common. Cynthia takes Rachel to the dentist and other places. Jeanie threatens to sue to get her job back, to Kerry’s dismay. Anspaugh rehires her, and Al leaves for Atlanta without her. Ellis West invites Kerry to St. Bart’s.

Character Review

Doyle meets with Jeanie at Doc Magoos to introduce her to the G/L Defense Lawyers mentioned the previous week.

Character Notes

  • Maggie likes Jeanie, and is willing to help.