Of Past Regret and Future Fear

Of Past Regret and Future Fear
Season Four, Episode Twenty
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Apr 30, 1998
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It’s another busy night in the ER, as case after case comes through the doors. Hathaway comforts a burn victim in his dying hours. Carter and Anna struggle with a man afflicted with cerebral palsy. Dr. Ross deals with an infant’s heroin addiction and its drug-addicted mother. Weaver cares for an elderly couple who may have AIDS. Peter and Elizabeth decide to keep their relationship a secret. Anna’s old boyfriend comes to town.

Character Review

Doyle works with Kerry, and delivers lab results for a older woman who turns out to be HIV+. Doyle also works with Jeanie on a case of a 21-year-old man who jumped 75 feet from a bridge into the river. The fellow insists he was just goofing off with some friends, but beer was involved and it’s more likely he did jump. Doyle is less than sympathetic.

Character Notes

  • No-nonsense Maggie is her usual self to her broken-ankle patient.


Young Guy : I had a couple of beers.
Maggie : Well, now you have a couple of broken ankles.