Season , Episode
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Apr 02, 2009
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Note: This episode is a clip show/retrospective and introduces no new material. All appearances include the actors as themselves.


Clips from memorable episodes; interviews with past and present cast members.

Jorja returned to talk about being on the show.


On watching the show:

Jorja: When you watched the show, you felt smarter.

On filming the show:

Jorja: It was absolutely terrifying for me.

What it felt like:

Jorja: I just remember just Fridays. Fridays were insane. The show would air Thursday night, across America, and people who were going to work on Fridays or getting to work on Friday, would spend a good part of their morning talking about ‘ER’ and what had happened the night before.

On the cast and friends:

Jorja: This is a collection of people with an amazing sense of humor. George Clooney is legendary for it, legendary.