Grading is a fairly subjective way of rating a TV show or movie by way of how much is Jorja Fox’s character involved, and how much screen time does she get.

The objective is to give the highest ‘score’ to anything that someone should watch if looking for a great representation of Jorja Fox’s work as an actor. This is not an attempt to grade how good a movie or TV show is. In fact, Memento is a highly acclaimed movie and only has a ‘score’ of 2, because Jorja Fox’s role is quite minor. Rating also may not reflect how much screen time Jorja has. For example, in the CSI episode A La Cart, she’s in three scenes, however a great deal of characterization is developed in those scenes.

Grades are given on a loose scale of 0 to 5 stars, with a rough guideline as follows:

Red Stars

- Not yet rated due to lack of media.

Example: Anything that has not yet aired or been seen.

No Gold Stars

- Cameo appearance with no lines, or an episode where she is credited but does not appear.

Example: The West Wing episode “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II” or the CSI episode “Jackpot”.

One Gold Star

- Very brief scene or two, no more than 2 minutes total. Often as a guest actor.

Example: The CSI episode “High and Low” or the movie The Jerky Boys.

Two Gold Stars

- Some dialogue, acting as a supporting character.

Example: The movie Memento or the CSI episode “Burked”.

Three Gold Stars

- Multiple scenes of varying degrees of importance, not the main character, but carries a subplot. On camera for a third of the running time and/or some new information about her character is revealed.

Example: The movie Velocity Trap or the CSI episode “Friends and Lovers”.

Four Gold Stars

- One of the primary characters, but not necessarily the main character. Her character likely has noticeable development and information about her character is revealed.

Example: The CSI episodes “Snuff” or “Gum Drops”, or the movie Food for the Heart.

Five Gold Stars

- The main character and/or is central to the plot, or if her character has significant development. If you want to watch a movie/episode for Jorja, this is the one.

Example: The CSI episodes “Empty Eyes”, “Nesting Dolls”, Committed", “Living Doll.”

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