Calling Dr. Hathaway

Calling Dr. Hathaway
Season Three, Episode Nineteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Apr 24, 1997
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Carol finds herself at a career crossroads when her MCAT results come back. She’s torn between nursing and becoming a doctor, with Kerry grooming her for medicine, while Carol tries to care for a mother with a dying child. Carter debates whether to report Edson for falsifying a patient’s chart. Benton takes a personal day to care for Carla. Dr. Greene treats a couple concocting odd situations to see how quickly the staff finds a solution. Jerry, Wendy and Jeanie search for a genetically engineered mouse.

Character Review

Doyle comes by to see Carter, who’s in the surgeon’s doghouse (aka a lab). Doyle hangs out with Carter, messing around with graspers to practice laparoscopic surgery, and later assists him on a GSW. When Carter catches fellow surgical intern Dale Edson falsifying a chart, he tells Doyle but doesn’t call Edson out on it. Doyle gives Carter grief about this decision, but comforts him with a beer anyway.

Character Notes

  • Maggie hides Heiniken beer in the fridge in the doctors’ lounge.


Maggie: What are you doing down here?
Carter: Hiding.
Maggie: Me, too.
Carter: You’re a smoker?
Maggie: A secret smoker – don’t tell anyone.

Carter: Surgeons don’t rat on each other. It’s like the Marines — one for all, and all for one.
Maggie: That’s the Three Musketeers.
Carter: You get the picture.

Carter: You know, you’re great.
Maggie: So are you.
Carter: Seriously–you’re great–funny–beautiful, too. I don’t suppose you would —
Maggie: Not a chance.
Carter: Cheers.