You Bet Your Life

You Bet Your Life
Season Three, Episode Eighteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Apr 17, 1997
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Carter goes behind Anspaugh’s back to get a gambler admitted for surgery, earning Anspaugh and Hicks’ wrath and jeopardizing his residency. Carol clashes with Doyle, angered that a 25-year-old intern is able to order her around. Peter illegally obtains Carla’s ultrasound to look for abnormalities. Doug treats an ill teenager who doesn’t want to miss her prom. Greene deals with a patient who feigns symptoms because she likes having surgeries. Jeanie faces her feelings towards Al when she cares for a remorseful AIDS patient who infected her child. Jerry hits on a way to make money from a sperm bank: pass himself off as ‘Dr. Markovic.’

Character Review

Carol clashes with Doyle, mostly because Doyle’s a doctor, and Carol feels she could have been, except she’s not that talented. That said, Doyle can’t give a patient a blood gas and Carol can. Finally, the two conflict over an older man in renal failure, with Carol wanting a central line and Doyle wanting to get his heart going. Doug agrees with Doyle, much to Carol’s disgust.


EMT: Old guy was playing cards with his pals when he keeled over.
Maggie: Must’ve gotten a bad hand.