Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying
Season Three, Episode Six
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Nov 07, 1996
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Note: Jorja Fox credited as Jorjan Fox


Mark and Susan take to the air for helicopter flight rotation, which brings to the ER an entire family injured in an accident. Benton’s overconfidence during Keaton’s absence results in a dire mistake. Carol deals with a ‘floater’ nurse who can’t cope with the speed of the ER. Jeanie and Maggie are given the task of keeping a dead man on ice in anticipation of cryogenic storage.

Character Review

A dying Patrick Brazil is brought in by his caregiver, who explains to Jeanie and Doyle that he wants to cryogenically frozen so he can be with his wife, frozen eight years before. Mr. Brazil dies, and Jeanie and Doyle are asked to keep his body cold until the rep from ‘California Cryogenics’ arrives. When the doctor arrives, the two suspect his credentials, even though he has the correct ID.

Character Notes

*Jeanie and Doyle are becoming friends at this point, which will become relevant later.


Jeanie: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Waitress: Sure, next life I’m coming back as Cindy Crawford.
Jeanie: Can you do us a favor? We have a patient who wants to be cryogenically preserved
Maggie: We’ve gotta freeze a dead guy.

Maggie: There you go, Mr. Brazil. Shrimp cocktail time.

Maggie: Is he a doctor?
Jeanie: I don’t think so. What should be do?
Maggie: Well, the heporine can’t hurt him, being dead and all.