Season Three, Episode Five
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Oct 31, 1996
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Note: Jorja Fox credited as Jorjan Fox


Doug and Carol man the Healthmobile, a roving medical van that caters to the homeless. Benton tries to be more warm and friendly towards children, even taking a group of hospitalized youngsters trick-or-treating. Gant demands more respect from Benton. Mark anxiously waits for Susan to return from vacation.

Character Review

Doyle and Jeanie treat Sophie Jennings, an elderly woman, suffering from end stage Lou Gehrig’s disease. Sophie had tried to OD on anti-depressants to kill herself. Jeanie, a PA, outranks intern Doyle, and overrides Sophie’s DNR, much to Doyle’s irritation. When Sophie’s husband arrives, they learn not only does the suicide attempt not surprise him, but he’d helped her take the pills and wasn’t strong enough to help her die. In the end, Doyle wishes they could have saved Sophie, if only to help her husband from being alone and in pain.

Character Notes

  • Maggie supports DNRs