Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire
Season Four, Episode Three
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Oct 09, 1997
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Carol’s trust in Doug is strained when she overhears an errant comment. Weaver puts her newfound power to use immediately. Jerry commits a large-scale blunder with a patient’s rocket launcher; Weaver advises him to take some vacation time. Carter suspects Doyle of giving Anna preferential treatment. Cynthia Hooper works her first day as a desk clerk. Benton and Carla argue over circumcision. Mark can’t get it up with Heather Morgan. Al Boulet is involved in a mishap at work and must tell a coworker about his HIV status.

Character Review

Our senior ER resident, Maggie Doyle, gives the new resident, Anna, the ‘good’ cases, while assigning Carter to the suture room. This leads Carter to believe Maggie is attracted to Anna, which Maggie laughs off. Kerry Weaver tries to ‘recruit’ Maggie to Kerry’s way of doing things, which has thus far only caused irritation with the other staff. We don’t get a clear idea if Maggie sides with Kerry or not.

Character Notes

  • Maggie is now the senior ER resident


Maggie: ‘(To Anna as she leaves)’ I love your hair.
Anna: ‘(To Carter)’ What was that about?
Carter: Nothing.