Good Touch, Bad Touch

Good Touch, Bad Touch
Season Four, Episode Five
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Oct 30, 1997
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Mark undergoes deposition with the Law family for their lawsuit. Jeanie and Al are involved in a barroom brawl. Carol mulls the idea of opening a free health care clinic. Carter successfully diagnoses a serious injury, only to have Edson steal the credit. Benton’s familial duties earn him a waist-high stack of back paperwork. Dr. Romano returns from a European sabbatical, pioneering the latest in robotics technology. Anna treats a young man with testicular cancer.

Character Review

Maggie has her own case. Ernesto Ruiz is a gangbanger with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Ernesto was in the ER a few months previously with a GSW to the chest. After hassling Carter and his intern, Ernesto leaves AMA (against medical advice) before surgery arrives, making suggestive kissing noises to Maggie as he does. While Carter can’t understand why Maggie didn’t ask him to debride the wound (wash it out), Maggie says she called surgery. There’s an implication that Maggie left the wound to get infecting, knowing it was the only way to get someone like Ernesto to come back.

Character Notes

  • Maggie doesn’t take well to Ernesto flirting with her.


Ernesto: Bye-bye, chica!
Maggie: See you real soon, Ernesto!