Good Luck, Ruth Johnson

Good Luck, Ruth Johnson
Season Five, Episode Nine
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Dec 10, 1998
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Note: This was ER’s 100th episode


Carter plays tour guide for Ruth Johnson, who was born in the hospital 100 years ago to the day, and her large family. Carol treats a boy who was hit by a car and tells a story of being chased, his friend being shot in the process. Peter observes Kotlowitz install a cochlear implant and decides to wait before scheduling an operation for Reese. Mark dines with Dr. Lee, new ER chief. Dr. Corday proposes radical changes in scheduling at an M&M conference, and later decides to break off her relationship with Benton.

Character Review

Doyle gives a drunk guy two doses of Ativan, however he persists in singing ‘One Hundred Bottles of Beer On the Wall.’