Double Blind

Double Blind
Season Five, Episode Twelve
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Jan 21, 1999
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Doug jeopardizes future federal grants for the entire ER when he breaks a double blind study by giving a sample drug to an ailing patient. Doyle lodges a sexual harassment complaint against Romano, hoping Dr. Corday will lend support. Lucy begins her surgery rotation under Benton’s tutelage. The two of them treat a man claiming to be 140-years-old. Mark declines to proceed in the NASA program. Carol questions Lynette’s intentions when she hosts a women’s health clinic for African American women only. Mark goes to bat for Pickman when she inadvertently leaves a severely injured man at an accident scene.

Character Review

Initially Corday is asked, by Kerry, if she wants to file a complaint against Romano, since it’s been mentioned he’s a bit much with her. Corday brushes it off and says that some people have thin skin. Well as it turns out, the person who complained was Doyle. After being harassed by Romano, Doyle told him (off camera) to knock it off and in return, Romano threatened to ‘blast her on her eval.’ So Doyle went to Kerry to file a complaint and mentioned Corday. While Corday doesn’t want to file a complaint, Doyle’s unwillingness to back down, even at the cost of her job, seems to win Corday over, and at the end of the episode, she talks to Kerry again.

Character Notes

  • Doyle’s integrity and her stubbornness of doing the right thing is not lip service, as we see her willing to risk her career to take on Romano.


Doyle: Guess he thought anything goes with the gay chick.

Doyle : Self-respect is a bitch.