The Storm, Part I

The Storm, Part I
Season Five, Episode Fourteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Feb 11, 1999
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Doug faces possible criminal charges after Ricky Abbott dies when Ross shows Joi how to bypass system lockouts to give Ricky a lethal dosage of dilaudin. Doug is delegated to desk duty, Carol’s clinic is shut down for acquiring the P.C.A. machine for Ricky, and Greene and Weaver face future disciplinary action for not reporting Doug’s tampering with the double blind study. Carter and Lucy discover a mutual attraction. Benton studies with a sign language instructor.

Character Review

Romano is made acting ER chief, much to the irritation of Kerry, Mark and, yes, Maggie Doyle. Romano tells Doyle he’s looking forward to working with her again.

Note: A few seasons later we learn that Romano had the whole ‘Doyle incident’ filed away and shoved under the rug.

Character Notes

  • Doyle still doesn’t like Romano. Can you blame her?