Homeless For The Holidays

Homeless for the Holidays
Season Three, Episode Ten
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Dec 19, 1996
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Rumors sweep the ER when Kerry and Mark cloister themselves to discuss policy regarding HIV-positive employees, prompting Jeanie to publicize her illness. Charlie brings the child she has been caring for into the ER. Doug treats the child and feels obligated to report the child’s mother for neglect. Doyle treats an abused woman, and conspires to help her escape her husband. Carter blows off an evening with Gant to spend the night with Keaton. Mark inherits a mangy dog from a patient and gives it to Rachel for Christmas. Carol and her mother host a Russian holiday celebration, to which Doug takes Charlie.

Character Review

Doyle’s patient is obviously a battered wife, even though she claims her broken jaw was an accident. Doyle keeps her in the ER longer than needed, stalling the impatient husband, until she can convince the woman to go to a shelter. Using the money from the ER football pool, Doyle gets the woman a ticket to Abilene and a taxi to the bus station. The husband falls asleep in the waiting room that night, none the wiser.

Character Notes

  • Doyle thinks Jeanie’s outing herself as HIV positive is ‘gutsy.’


Jeanie: ‘[puts her heirloom star on the office tree.]’
Maggie: You should put it on your family tree.
Jeanie: I just did.