Night Shift

Night Shift
Season Three, Episode Eleven
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Jan 16, 1997
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A long, cold night finds ER staffers with hours of time to kill. Kerry recruits staffers to participate in a study on sleep deprivation combined with physical activity. Gant appeals to Anspaugh after a public scolding from Benton. Carter ditches Dennis again to escape his whining, only to discover deadly results. Peter is denied a recommendation from Keaton one last time before she leaves for Pakistan. Mark and Chuny discover that they have a lot in common. Carol is at a crossroads when management demands she cut two RNs. Charlie comes into the ER severely beaten.

Character Review

The whole episode, Carter and Doyle are nudging each other, in a friendly competition about who’s better: ER vs. surgical. While they’re still at it at the end of the episode, it’s Doyle who twigs to the fact that they’re working on their fellow intern, Dennis Gant.

Character Notes

  • Doyle reads the hockey magazine Face/Off.