Fortune's Fools

Fortune's Fools
Season Three, Episode Thirteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Jan 30, 1997
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Carol takes an interest in an ailing police sergeant who’s hiding a degenerative ailment. She also meets with a newspaper reporter to air the complete story on her fatal mistake and is subsequently suspended. Peter runs into a pregnant Carla, upsetting the rest of his day. Carter, already fed up with Benton’s lackluster attitude, accepts a transfer to Hicks’ team after Peter fails to show up at a lecture the two were to give. Jeanie and Greg Fischer disagree on whether to inform a patient’s spouse that he’s suffering from neurosyphilis. Weaver and Mark each take a trio of prospective students through a day in the ER, with widely differing results. Chuny and Mark break up; however, he has another date by the end of the day.

Character Review

Carol and Doyle work with a cop, Sgt. Mattimore, who was shot by a teenage crook. Mattimore had, years before, helped straighten out one of Doyle’s cousins. During treatment, Carol notices his hand twitches, but Mattimore refuses treatment.

Character Notes

  • Doyle’s cousin was a bugler who became a locksmith.