Whose Appy Now?

Whose Appy Now?
Season Three, Episode Fourteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Feb 06, 1997
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A gleeful Carter removes Benton’s appendix. Dr. Ross treats a 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient who wants to die, but isn’t old enough to sign a DNR. Mark juggles dates with three women, including psychiatrist Nina Pomerantz. Jeanie and Greg team up to find the culprit behind a rash of staph infections. Haleh has a tough time filling Carol’s shoes.

Character Review

Yet again, Carter and Doyle’s friendly rivalry rears its head, as the two clash over some early cases. Dr. Hicks points out that the duo work well togeather, and invites them both to follow a GSW victim into surgery. This changes when Benton is brought in for his appendectomy. After work, Carter tries to ask Doyle out, but she invites him to come to the shooting range with her. There, Doyle spots her ex-girlfriend and points her out to Carter, who promptly shoots out a light.

Character Notes

  • Doyle has an extensive knowledge of firearms.
  • Doyle outs herself by pointing out her ex, Amy Elliot, who is ‘jealous as hell.’


Maggie: My dad’s a cop. We talk ammunition at the dinner table.
Carter: Really?
Maggie: You should see my gun collection.

Carter: What are you doing?
Maggie: Practicing one-handed sutures.
Carter: What’s that?
Maggie: It’s an eggplant.
Carter: They run out of pigs’ feet?
Maggie: I’m a vegetarian.