List of ER episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the CBS television series, “ER” in which Jorja Fox appeared or was credited. Episodes are rated based on quality and volume of Jorja’s scenes. Episodes in which she is listed in the credits but does not appear are rated with zero stars.

Jorja appeared as a regular guest in seasons three, four and five. In season 15, the final season of ER, her character’s nameplate can be seen in two episodes, on the wall of doctors who have left the ER.

Jorja also appeared in the clip episode Retrospective, which preceded the series finale.

Season Three

# Title Airdate Rating
3 (465403) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Oct 10, 1996
Benton starts to work as a pediatric surgeon. Mark is sad when Susan goes on vacation without him, and also when he's stuck with a unkillable patient and his very simple son, while Carter befriends fellow intern Dennis Gant but finds himself on Peter's bad side. [ As Jorjan Fox ]
4 (465404) "Last Call" Oct 17, 1996
Benton does not have the compassion needed for being a pediatric surgeon, while Carter does. Jeanie gets attention from a handsome patient who makes her cold reality of being HIV+ feel worse. Doug's one-night stand has a seizure that ends up killing her, and while Doug was not responsible for her death, he views himself the same way his co-workers do: as a worthless and broken man. [ As Jorjan Fox ]
5 (465405) "Ghosts" Oct 31, 1996
Lewis comes back from vacation. Hathaway and Ross take their turn in the mobile health van. Gant learns that Benton is harder on him than he is with Carter. A devoted husband to a dying woman leads Jeanie to finally tell Al what a rotten man he is. [ As Jorjan Fox ]
6 (465406) "Fear of Flying" Nov 7, 1996
Lewis and Greene rush to a car accident in a helicopter. Benton makes a mistake during surgery that puts a baby's life in jeopardy. Carol is displeased when a floor nurse gets floated into the ER and doesn't do a great job because she is inept. [ As Jorjan Fox ]
7 (465407) "No Brain, No Gain" Nov 14, 1996
Lewis makes an announcement about her future that shocks Mark. Benton feels guilty about his involvement resulting in a baby's critical condition and tries to save another brain dead child. Carter feels guilty when a scared patient's surgery has an unhappy result, but finds a surprising romantic connection. Mark is being hypercritical of Doug until Doug calls him on it and the two men seem to be setting their friendship right again. Carol lands hard on the floor nurse when a gruesome error is committed, but learns the nurse claims that she was set up to lose part of her pension are valid. [ As Jorjan Fox ]
10 (465410) "Homeless For The Holidays" Dec 19, 1996
What child is this? Street kid Charlie brings a drug-addled women's baby to Ross for treatment. Jeanie comes clean about her HIV while Mark and Kerry put aside their differences to forge a rational ER policy on HIV positive caregivers. Carol observes Ukrainian Christmas with family and two unexpected guests.
11 (465411) "Night Shift" Jan 16, 1997
A night that begins slowly soon ignites: Greene risks his career to save a life. Benton discovers Carter's secret. Charlie suffers a beating, and the ER suffers the shocking loss of one of its own.
13 (465413) "Fortune's Fools" Jan 30, 1997
A good day for Greene: he and Marquez end their romance amicably, and his mentoring of prospective interns earns praise. A lousy day for Hathaway: she is suspended from the staff.
14 (465414) "Whose Appy Now?" Feb 6, 1997
Carter is the delighted surgeon when Benton needs an appendectomy. Ross grapples with a teen's DNR request. Greene proves that the only thing worse than a two-timing cad is a three-timer.
16 (465416) "Faith" Feb 20, 1997
Benton is recovering from his surgery, but not from the death of Gant. Greene places a Down's syndrome patient on a heart transplant list and Ross has to pull the plug on an 18-year-old male who no longer wants to live. Carter treats a woman with a serious condition but he seems to be the only one who sees it. Carol takes the medical school admissions test with encouragement from Ross.
17 (465417) "Tribes" Apr 10, 1997
Race relations become an issue in the ER when Greene treats two injured teenagers, one black and the other white, and assumes the black kid is a drug dealer. It turns out the white kid is a drug dealer and the black kid is innocent. When the black student's older brother confronts Greene, he begins to question his own impartiality. Carol helps a young woman who was drugged with Rohipnol and raped. Benton gets an interesting offer from Hicks. He also learns that Carla Reece has been admitted to the hospital. Greene's daughter ends up spending the day in the ER when her mom has to rush to Florida to deal with a family emergency.
18 (465418) "You Bet Your Life" Apr 17, 1997
Carter puts his career in jeopardy when he circumvents channels to arrange surgery for a racetrack gambler. Jeanie reconsiders her plight when she cares for an AIDS victim loathed by her unforgiving husband. Carol's inferiority about being a nurse instead of a doctor causes her to clash with the younger Maggie. Greene learns that Rachel is having problems at school, and must balance his time between Rachel and improving his chance to attain tenure by publishing interesting ER cases.
19 (465419) "Calling Dr. Hathaway" Apr 24, 1997
A mouse in the house - and perhaps a new doctor-in-training, too. A genetically engineered lab mouse escapes into the ER. Hathaway weighs her career options after she scores high on the MCAT.
20 (465420) "Random Acts" May 1, 1997
A brother donates a kidney to his sister, a stroke victim receives life-saving treatment, and Jeanie's ex is accepted into a new AIDS-drug study. But violence involving Greene casts a pall over the acts of healing and compassion.
21 (465421) "Make A Wish" May 8, 1997
It is Hathaway's birthday, but she does not want to hear about it. And it is the birth of Carla and Peter's son when she goes into early labor. Carter's patient-centric approach clashes with Anspaugh's fixation on surgery to treat patients. Greene returns to the ER, but settling in proves difficult.
22 (465422) "One More For The Road" May 15, 1997
Ross is increasingly drawn to Hathaway, Charlie reappears at the ER, Greene refuses to admit that he needs help, and Carter and Anspaugh are still at loggerheads. Meanwhile, the Boulets find strength in their renewed relationship, and Benton draws strength from his tiny newborn son.

Season Four

# Title Airdate Rating
2 (466356) "Something New" Oct 2, 1997
Still suffering emotionally from his beating, Greene misdiagnoses his cases. Benton and Carla finally name their son, who is recovering from his premature birth. Hathaway and Ross continue their secret affair. Carter deals with the loss of his seniority due to his move from surgery to the ER.
3 (466352) "Friendly Fire" Oct 9, 1997
Jeanie's ex-husband Al is forced to reveal his HIV-positive status after a workplace accident. Weaver must begin making budget cuts after being named the temporary replacement for Morgenstern. Carter is jealous over Maggie Doyle's rapport with Del Amico. Benton's son is circumcised against Benton's wishes. Greene resumes dating, but the effects of his trauma linger. An attractive female desk clerk with no previous experience is hired by Greene. Jerry is advised to take a long sabbatical after accidentally firing a weapon in the ER.
5 (466354) "Good Touch, Bad Touch" Oct 30, 1997
Hathaway comes up with the idea of a pediatric clinic for the ER, and starts looking for funding. A difficult case involving a young athlete brings a new understanding between Ross and Del Amico. Greene's anger issues flare up when he is deposed in a malpractice suit. Carter succeeds with a difficult diagnosis, affirming his decision to move from surgery to the ER. Benton is having trouble juggling work and parenthood. Jeanie watches Al and his former best friend get in a violent brawl. Benton meets Dr. Corday's sponsor, Dr. Robert 'Rocket' Romano.
8 (466358) "Freak Show" Nov 20, 1997
Maggie Doyle helps Jeanie get assistance to get her job back. Romano, Benton, and Corday operate on a unique case involving a boy with reversed organs. Hathaway's clinic is forced to open early when Cynthia sends the advertisement for it too soon. One of Carter's incompetent former students returns to redo his clerkship, and ends up being a patient. Greene meets a lawyer who can end his legal troubles in exchange for spending a day observing the ER.
9 (466359) "Obstruction of Justice" Dec 11, 1997
Synergix starts setting up shop at County General. Defending a patient he suspects is abused, Carter is arrested for refusing to cooperate with a cop. While Weaver agrees to give Jeanie her job back, Al, her ex-husband whom she's living with, leaves for Atlanta to start over without Jeanie. Cynthia rubs Greene's ex-wife the wrong way concerning Rachel. Greene's lawyer tours the ER and ends up saving a life himself. Corday operates to save the leg of a young woman named Alison Beaumont, and the patient goes into a coma, causing Corday to question her own ambitions.
16 (466366) "My Brother's Keeper" Mar 5, 1998
Weaver accuses Ross of presenting a flawed research study. Greene searches for Cynthia. Carter's drug addict cousin Chase overdoses. Corday receives her first performance review from Romano and becomes closer to Benton. Scott and Jeanie continue their friendship.
20 (466370) "Of Past Regret and Future Fear" Apr 30, 1998
Romano makes an offer that Corday refuses. Reese Benton is baptised. Ross deals with a baby addicted to methadone. Carter and Del Amico treat a man who cannot speak clearly. Hathaway treats a man who is going to die from chemical burns and comes to a decision about herself and Ross.

Season Five

# Title Airdate Rating
1 (467551) "Day For Knight" Sep 24, 1998
New medical student Lucy Knight arrives in the ER and has a trying first shift. Ross and Weaver clash over the terms of Ross' probation after his unauthorized detox work.
7 (467557) "Hazed and Confused" Nov 12, 1998
Carter finds out that Lucy doesn't know how to start an IV. Weaver interviews for a job as the ER Chief. Benton keeps his son's disease a secret. Jeanie intervenes when she finds out a liver transplant candidate is drinking again, and later asks Ross if she can be assigned to work for his Peds project in the ER. Corday gets stuck as the intern of the smarmy Dr. Dale Edson.
8 (467558) "The Good Fight" Nov 19, 1998
It's a race against time to save the life of a little girl in the ER. While Benton and the surgical team use every extraordinary measure to save her life, Carter and Lucy traverse Chicago in an attempt to track down the girl's father, the only match for her blood type.
9 (467559) "Good Luck, Ruth Johnson" Dec 10, 1998
Corday faces M&M following her crucial mistake in administering an incorrect dosage of drugs to a patient. She believes the mistake was in hospital policy; making the interns work for 36 hours straight. She is cleared and later decides to amicably end her relationship with Benton. Carter chaperones Ruth Johnson around the ER; a woman born 100 years ago in the same hospital. Hathaway is horrified by the true story behind a young boy's fatal shooting.
12 (467562) "Double Blind" Jan 21, 1999
Lucy begins her surgical rotation under Benton and Corday. After complaints by Doyle, Weaver interrogates Corday, asking if Romano ever sexually harassed her. Romano offers to get Corday's fellowship reinstated and asks her to assist him in surgery. Ross jeopardizes a new pain medication study by surreptitiously giving some of the drug to Joi's son Ricky. Greene and Weaver decide not to tell Anspaugh because of the violation of protocol on a federally funded trial.
14 (467564) "The Storm, Part I" Feb 11, 1999
Joi's son dies, and Ross' role in his death is exposed after the boy's father shows up and starts demanding information. Hathaway's clinic is temporarily closed. Greene and Weaver's cover-up of Ross' earlier actions to help Joi is revealed. Weaver suspends Ross from work and Hathaway chastises him for his selfish actions. The ER responds to a school bus accident. While en route to the scene, Jeanie and Ross crash on an icy road.
15 (467565) "The Storm, Part II" Feb 18, 1999
The ER is flooded with the victims of the school bus accident. Jeanie is not critically injured from the previous episode's crash but gets other bad medical news. Mobalage's wife is having doubts about her husband's surgery and shares a horrifying secret with Hathaway. Carter and Lucy decide not to pursue a relationship despite the kiss shared in a previous episode. Mobalage's wife is brutally stabbed. Ross makes a decision regarding his status at County.
17 (467567) "Sticks and Stones" Mar 25, 1999
Carter deals with drama at an apartment tower during a ride-along that later has deadly consequences. Lucy has to hide a cancer diagnosis from an ill woman at the behest of the patient's family. Hathaway finds out she is pregnant. Weaver reflects on her own family issues when an injured wrestler comes to the ER. Greene continues to help Mobalage, who may be deported if he cannot tell the INS about the abuse he suffered in Nigeria.

Season Fifteen

# Title Airdate Rating
3 "The Book Of Abby" Oct 16, 2008
Abby gets a job in Boston and tries to leave County General quietly, but the staff makes it known how much they will miss her. Abby says goodbye and leaves for Boston with Kovač and her son.
20 "Shifting Equilbrium" Mar 19, 2009
Neela clashes with Dubenko on two surgical cases and looks to prove her worth as attending material before she leaves County for good. Brenner looks to gain some insight into his abusive childhood.
23 "Retrospective" Apr 2, 2009
A one-hour retrospective special.